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Our Lessons

Enjoyable piano lessons with a professional piano teacher.

Piano Lessons Reading will provide students with a relaxing and professional environment to learn your new skills and develop your musical ability.

Adaptable teaching means I create the best situation for each individual to get the best out of their experience. I generally spend the first lesson getting to know the students and seeing how well they understand the piano, as well as their different tastes in music.

Once I identify the best way to progress the teaching will start. During lessons, we play a variety of ready-made songs and/or playing from sheet music. Depending on your entry-level I can expect the following:

  • Learn to read and understand sheet music and music scores and go on to be able to write yourself
  • Be in an environment that brings out the best in you, driving you on to fulfil your full musical potential
  • Learn to play comfortably with both hands, an important step in learning the piano/keyboard
  • Gain the help and advice you need on selecting the best piano/keyboard for you should you decide to buy one of your own
  • Learn about the opportunities available for you to play the piano outside of our lessons for example as part of a band or a solo project

If you would like to find out more about lessons please contact me via email

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